Class Beginning Wet Felting 02/01/2023 Wednesday 10am-1pm

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Beginning Wet Felting with Kerri Kirk
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Students will learn how to make a basic art felt piece with wool fibers using wet felting techniques.  Create a felted art piece that is a landscape, a seascape, or beautiful colors in an abstract design.  Most finished pieces are about 8x10 to 12x16.

All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.

Each student will have a finished art piece at the end of class to take home.  The finished piece may be damp at the end of class to air out at home to allow the piece to dry.

The pictures show examples of wet felted panels, as well as designs with additional needle-felted details not included in this Part One Class.  For example, the outlines of the Chickens and the Stained Glass design have additional details added. 

Interested in making a more complex design?  Then sign up for Both Art Felt Classes and make a sophisticated art piece.

This Part-One Class: Beginning Wet Felting Class will complete the background panel.

The Part-Two Class: Embellished Art Felting will add needle felted finishing details to your art piece.


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