Knitting Class: Navajo Chain-Ply Knitting Technique

One 1-hour Session: Wednesday, 4/3, 6 - 7 pm

Navajo Knitting (Chain-Ply):
How to Use Yarns at Triple Gauge to Great Effect

One 1-hour Session

Learn how to triple up a lace weight yarn to create a thicker fabric project or to intersperse thick and thin strands to create a lacey versus dense texture.  Students will work a few rows of knitting in a lacey/loose knit with a fine yarn, then triple the stranded by using the Navajo (chain-ply) technique and then back to thin again.  Learn tricks for switching between single and triple strands partially across the rows to create interesting textures.

Cost: $40

Buy or Bring Materials:  Lace weight yarn, US 8 straight or circular needles (and a few extra sizes is recommended to adjust gauge if needed)

Skill level:  Intermediate  Participants must be able to knit and purl confidently. 

One Session:  Wednesday, 4/3,  6 - 7 pm

Technique shown in sample "Quadri Shawl" by Kinterm Stein knit by and courtesy of Instructor, Aleen Caplan Yamasaki, Ravelry © aleenknits

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