Class Wet Felted Flowers 08/24/2022 Wednesday 1-3pm

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Wet Felted Flowers with Kerri Kirk

Students will learn how to make a pretty 3-dimensional felted flower from wool and other specialty fibers using wet felting techniques.  No needles are required, just wool, soap, water, and little know-how.  This is even safe for kids to do too!

$50 per person or "kid combo" (child with their favorite grown-up)
All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.

These 3-D Felted Flowers are super fun, easy, and can be used for decorating another piece.  Kerri has made a bouquet for her Mom for Mother's Day, an entire hanging lamp from them, and used them to decorate other pieces, like magical fairies.

Each student will have a finished flower at the end of class to take home.  The finished flower may be damp at the end of class to air out at home to allow the piece to dry.

The pictures show examples of several different flower designs, as well as how flowers might be added onto other projects that are not included in this class.  For example, the picture of the Fairy is sitting on top of a flower, but making the Fairy is not included in this class. 

Kerri's Fairies are available for purchase in the shop.

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