Class Wet Felted Lamps 09/24/2022 Saturday 10am-Noon

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Wet Felted Lamps with Kerri Kirk

Students will learn how to make stunning 3-dimensional felted lamp shades from wool and other specialty fibers using wet felting techniques.  No needles are required, just wool, soap, water, and little know-how.

These 3-D Felted Lamps are super fun and easy.  Add a battery-operated votive candle for a quick and easy display or mount as a shade around a permanent or corded light fixture.

Each student will have a finished lamp shape at the end of class to take home.  The finished lamp shade will be damp at the end of class and will need to air out at home to allow the piece to dry.  It is recommended to apply a stiffener after the lamp has dried.  A recipe for corn starch stiffener and instructions will be provided.
All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.
The pictures show examples of several different lamp designs, the corded light fixture itself is not included in this class.

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