Yarn Bomb the Edmonds Waterfront

The Lynnwood Stitch 'n Bitch is planning a Yarn Bomb event on the Edmonds Waterfront.
Everyone is invited to participate.  Tell your friends!!

The Lynnwood Stitch 'n Bitch is using the Snuggles Project specifications.  Knit or crochet 12” or 24” squares in machine washable yarns.  After the event, the Lynnwood Stitch 'n Bitch will make the squares into pet beds and snuggle blankets that will be donated to the Everett Animal Shelter.

The installation will use knitted and crochets squares to wrap portions of our shop here at Stranded by the Sea, the trees along Sunset Ave where the cars unload from the Ferry, the benches and fixtures along the waterfront park, etc.

The more squares, the more things we can wrap and Yarn Bomb!!

It's simple and easy to join in the fun, just knit or crochet a 12" or 24" square in washable yarn and drop it off at the shop by June 30th.

The Snuggles Project has a pattern library may be helpful.

You may use any washable yarn, yarns that are cotton, acrylic, or superwash fibers are preferred by the Snuggles Project.  Dig in your stash and have some fun with color.

Drop off completed squares before July 30th.

Installation day is July 30th and should be up for about 3 weeks.  If you would like to help with the installation, please email the shop and let me know!
[email protected]