Knitting Class: Stranded Knitting the Portuguese Way

Stranded Knitting the Portuguese Way
One 4-Hour Class - Saturday, 8/17 at 1 – 5 pm

Quantity: 8

Do you get frustrated with your yarns tangling when you knit with more than one strand?  Does your carpal tunnel, arthritis, or joint pain flair up when you knit for long periods of time?  Do your yarn floats come out too tight or too loose?  Well the solution to these problems lies in an ancient form of knitting known as Incan, Andean, Turkish, Around the Neck, or Portuguese knitting.

Come learn a way to do stranded knitting with just a flick of your left thumb.  You will be amazed at how ergonomically comfortable this method is, how even your stitches and floats are, and how easy it is to manage two colors of yarn with no tangling.  You may never again want to do stranded colorwork any other way.

We will be knitting the two-color Blossom Dreams Cowl, designed specifically for this class, using the Portuguese purl stitch and working with the wrong side of the cowls facing.  Yarns will be tensioned by hooks attached to our shirts.  Registration Fee $80 plus $10 Materials Fees, includes instructional handout, pattern, and two special Portuguese knitting hooks provided by instructor.

Experience Level Required:  Some knitting and purling preferred

Materials Fee ($10 included in Class Registration Fee) Provided by Instructor:  Handout, Two Portuguese Knitting Hooks, Pattern for Blossom Dreams Cowl

Materials for Students to Buy or Bring:

200 yards of worsted weight yarn for your background color (solid or semi-solid color)

115 yards of contrasting yarn for the floral pattern (handpainted, variegated, gradient, or semi-solid) You want a high contrast from your background color for best results.

Size US 8 circular needles 24” (may want to bring US 7 and US 9 also)

Tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers (8)

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