Puget Sound LYS Tour Bags & Pins

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Pre-order your 2020 LYS Tour bags and pins now.
Tour Dates:  May 13 - 17, 2020

Reserve your set and pick up when you make your stop at Stranded by the Sea.

This year is the 15th Anniversary of the LYS Tour and special tour bags and pins have been designed to mark the occasion.

Please note that the LYS Tour has decided that each shop will not be having individual pins this year.  A special LYS Tour 15th Anniversary Commemorative Enamel Pin has been designed to give you a beautiful long-lasting keepsake.  Supplies are limited, so get yours before they run out.

Choose one or get the set!
Tote Bag  (burgundy)
Zip Pouch  (teal)
15th Anniversary Commemorative Enamel Pin

Please Notes:  Pictures are for 2019 Tote & Zip Pouches.  The 2020 Tote & Pouches will be similar but different colors and feature the 15th Anniversary logo.

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