Slow Yarn Crawl Passport 2020

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Slow Yarn Crawl Passport

Stranded by the Sea Patterns:
Knitting Pattern:  Sea Spinner Shawl by Tara Roberts
Crochet Pattern: Rosette Bag by Evi Slaby

Your 2020 passport entitles the bearer to fun filled excursions throughout the Pacific Northwest!

Passport bearers:
-keep your passport
-receive shop exclusive patterns with each stamp
-receive clues for the Mystery Knit-A-Long
-enter for regional and grand prize baskets when you finish a region or the whole passport!

All passports ship free from the Slow Yarn Crawl shop.

Note: We have instituted an "online couch crawl" option this year and stamps will be included with all Slow Crawlers purchases from participating shops during the Slow Yarn Crawl timeframe. More information may be found on the main Slow Yarn Crawl website.

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