Smoosh Stix (Size 120 US 24")

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Made specifically for use with SMOOSH Yarn and patterns.

A fun, fast, and fantastic can create a giant, super chunky blanket in a weekend.

Why straights and not circulars?....these are perfect for large scale knitting.  When the knitting begins to grow and gets heavier (and this happens quickly) the weight of the knit piece exerts a downward pull on the stitches, and if they are on a cable like a circular needle, they can stretch from the weight and lose their gauge...the smooth surface of the waxed wooden needles allows the stitches to slide easy, retain their loft and softness.

A queen size SMOOSH blanket may be knit on these, the length is long enough to hold the stitches, and short enough to knit comfortably in a chair.

Specs: US Size 120 (1.25 in. dia.) 32 mm

Hand carved, hand painted poplar, smooth and hand rubbed, finished with beeswax

Length - 24 inches


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