Smoosh Super Jumbo Yarn - Undyed

Quantity: 10

Super chunky yarn - Perfect for arm knitting

Uniform thickness, extra loft, no core...spun pure SuperSoft Merino wool

19mm diameter (3/4 inch), 1.9 cm
Weight: 1 Pound ( 453.6 g)
Yardage: 38 yards (35m)
1 stitch = 1.7 - 2 inches
Color: Natural (Vanilla cream)

Content: Pure Merino Wool, very lightly spun
Needle size: size 100, 120 or 150 recommended
Yield: 460-475 sq inches per skein
Care Instructions: Hand Wash or Dry Clean

The jumbo knitting needles are available!

Also, free patterns for blankets, scarves, cowls, and hats.

Why SMOOSH yarn and not others or raw wool roving?  SMOOSH yarn is lightly spun for several reasons. The light twist  provides strength, durability and longevity ... While all wool products will shed and pill a bit, with the twist applied to SMOOSH will do so much less then others and considerably less compared to plain roving. Roving also breaks and tears easily and can be difficult to work with, especially for less experienced extreme knitters. Just enough twist has been added to make it easy to work with, but not so much it is twisty, looses its loftiness, or has uneven thickness.

Our special process in preparing and spinning our yarn also allows for it to be much lighter in weight then plain wool roving. A 30x50 inch blanket made with our yarn will weigh 4-5 pounds, compared to the same sized blanket made with roving weighing 8-9 pounds! Blankets made with our yarn will also drape and move much more freely and not be at all stiff, unlike those made with roving.

The Merino for this yarn is sourced from a family run mill, founded by grower-owners and is processed responsibly with deep concern for both the animals and the environment.

This is a super quick and FUN knit!

Smoosh Blanket Yarn Requirements
22x30......2 skeins
24x36......2.5 skeins
30x45......3.5 skeins
36x70......6.5 skeins
40x54......5.5 skeins
50x70......9 skeins
56x96......12.5 skeins

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