Spin Together Registration Team Stranded Spinners 2022

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Spin Together Registration for Team Stranded Spinners
 Open Registration:  September 1st - 25th
Competition:  October 1st - 8th

Spin Together is a Team Yardage Spinning competition the first week of October.
Competition begins at noon in your time zone on the 1st Saturday in October and ends at noon wherever you are on Saturday, October 10th.
If you haven't already done so this year, please read the How It Works and FAQS pages at www.spintogether.org  It's important for every spinner to understand how the competition works and how yardage is counted before signing up.  By registering, you agree to ALL of the Spin Together competition terms.

Stranded by the Sea sponsors a Spin Together Team with daily spinning socials on Zoom and In Person (when possible), contributes to the prize donations, offers a special Team Fiber Colorway, and discounts on fiber for participating team members.

Team Fiber & Colorway for 2022: Rambouillet in Sunset Colors
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