Spin Together Team Colorway 2019 Rambouillet

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Special Colorway for Spin Together 2019

These 2 ounce bumps have been specially dyed for us by local hand-dyer Barbara Seeler. 
The fiber is US grown and processed Rambouillet.  This fiber may be spun extremely thin to stretch your fiber supply to maximize yardage for the competition!

The exclusive colors are Sea Creature themed and inspired by an oil pastel of local Dungeness Crab and Pisaster Ochraceus that hangs in the shop.
Sea Strands
Crabby Coral
Turqish Seas
SeaFoam White

The bumps are intended to be paired together.  Mix & Match any combination of colors that you like.  Spin each color and ply them together.  Spin one and add a pop of color from another.  Use your imagination.  We can wait to see all the different possibilities everyone designs.


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