Spin Together Team 2024 Squid Tentacle Suckers - 4oz

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We had a whoopsie in the dye pots and ended up with a few Pastel Giant Squids with purple spots that happen to resemble tentacle suckers.
It is offered in REGULAR FOUR OUNCE (4oz) Rambouillet Braids.

The special Spin Together Colorway for members of Team Stranded Spinners
Inspired by the Giant Squid and little Pearl from Finding Nemo, "Awww, you guys made me ink!" and one of our Team mantras "Just keep spinning, just keep spinning!" 
The Giant Squid Colorway includes Peach Fuzz (the Pantone 2024 Color of the Year), Warm Reds, Burgundy, and Inky Purple.   This colorway is dyed in a repeating pattern that may be used for fractals.
The Salish Sea Colorway is Turquoise and Green shades of water.
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