Stranded Row Counter with Charm

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Knitting Row Counter Chain.  The number chain makes it easy to keep track of your rows as you knit.

Count from 1 to 99 rows!
Works great as an end-of-round marker.

How to Use:
Slip on your knitting needle at "1" position.  When you come to the chain, slip your knitting needles into the next number loop on the chain.  Repeat.

Use the movable Charm as a "10s" marker.  When you get to the bottom "0" spot, move the charm to the "1" for 10s, 2 for 20s, 3 for 30s, etc.  Your needles moves back through the 1, 2, 3... again.

Available Sizes:
Large:  up to size 10 mm (US 15)
Small:  up to size 5 mm (US 8)

Colors:  Silver or Antique

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