Stranded TdeF 8oz Bundle Leaders with Black & White

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The 2021 Tour de Fleece Team Stranded Spinners Fiber Colorway

Bright green, yellow, red, black, and white on a 85% Polwarth & 15% Silk base.
4 oz in green, yellow, red
2 oz black
2 oz undyed white

The colors are inspired by the Tour de France Leader Jersey Colors:
Yellow (the maillot jaune is the signature jersey of the Tour de France and worn by the Leader Overall)
Green (the maillot vert is the sprinter’s jersey)
Red (the red polka dot jersey is for the King of the Mountains, the first rider to reach the crest of designated hills and mountains)
Black and White for the finish line

The Black was tricky to dye.  In this version, the Black is a separate 2 oz braid. 

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