Rewards Program

We are pleased to launch our Rewards Program for Stranded by the Sea Customers

All purchases at Stranded by the Sea earn Rewards Points.  Use the Rewards App to check your Rewards Points and for your eligible discounts and bonuses!

How to earn Rewards Points?

Sign up for the Rewards App using your phone, mobile device, laptop, or computer.
Registered Customers earn One Point for every dollar spent (pre-tax).
All purchases made after Nov 1st automatically accrue points for Registered Customers.
Points never expire.  Points have no cash value.

What can I do with Rewards Points?

The more points that you accrue, the more that your points are worth.
Redeem your points in any way you want. Use a few at a time or save them up.

Available Discounts:
250 Rewards Points = $10 off
500 Rewards Points = $20 off
750 Rewards Points = $30 off
1000 Rewards Points = $50 off

Other Bonus:
50 Rewards Points = Free Project Help Session

Check your app or this FAQ page for other Discounts, Bonuses, and Specials that may be updated or added from time to time.

Earn Extra Bonus Points for Sign-up Now!

To celebrate our upcoming One Year Anniversary on Dec 1st, customers that sign up for the Rewards Program by Dec 31st receive an extra 100 Rewards Points to use anytime as a bonus just for signing up!

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy.  Go to:

Use the web-based Rewards App link above and follow the prompts.
Or just ask us the next time you are in the shop and we will forward a prompt to help you Opt-In.  There is no need to download or install a separate app.  There are no cards to keep track of or bring along.  Just Opt-In and everything else is digital and available at check out.

Need help?  Just ask us.

How do I use my discount?

In the shop, your points will be linked to your customer account at checkout.
If a discount is available, you may redeem it right away.
Can can help you verify what is available.
You can check your points and available discounts and bonuses on the web-based Rewards App anytime, anywhere.

Can I use Rewards Points without an account?

The only way to use Rewards Points is through your Stranded by the Sea Rewards App.  You must Opt-In by signing up with the Rewards App to receive discounts and bonuses.

Since this is a "opt-in" account, we can only give rewards points for purchases made once you have opted-in and registered your Rewards Account.  But don't worry, a Rewards Account is super easy to set up and has many benefits!

Are there restrictions?

Rewards Points may not be used to buy Gift Cards.
Rewards Discounts may not be combined with other discounts, sales, or offers.
Rewards Discounts may not used for purchases online.  Our point-of-sale provider is working on integrating the systems, but this feature is not available for online sales yet.  Please call the shop to make a phone sale to use points, if you can't come in person.

How do I track my Rewards Points?

Use the Stranded by the Sea web-based Rewards App on your phone, computer, or other device.  There is no need to download or install a separate app.  There are no cards to keep track of or bring along.  Just Opt-In and everything else is digital and available at check out.

In the shop, your Rewards will be available on our register to redeem discounts and bonuses at checkout.  Just ask us and we can check your Rewards Points and what discounts and bonuses are available for you.  Easy!

Important Details about Rewards Points

Be sure to use the same email address and phone number in the shop and for your Rewards account. If you use different emails or phone numbers, then your Rewards Account may not link properly and you may not be able to redeem your points.

Stranded by the Sea Rewards Program launched on November 1st, 2019.

Discounts, Bonuses, and Terms & Conditions subject to change.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at
[email protected]