Archie and Tula the Spider Knitting Kit in Tweed

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Spider Knitting Kit for Archie & Tula

Some jump, some bite, some lay in wait.
Archie and Tula appreciate.
Protectors they are, cuteness we should see.
They’re creatures of Nature, perfectly harmless as all barn spiders.
Mother and Son, a team.
Incy Wincy at your side, hope you use Mason jars to relocate rather than a shoe or wad of paper to dissiminate

The spiders are posable with wire legs and have an internal magnet to easily set on any wrap sock, hat, or lapel.

Some minimal wire work involved.
I-cord legs, beads for eyes, fiber fluff for girth.
Use craft wire for firmness, use aluminum wire for life’s adventures.

To answer some questions -

Kit includes supplies to make TWO Spiders, both Tula, the mother and Archie, the son:
Hand Dyed Yarn, pre-strung with beads for eyes
2 eight-legged wire armatures
16 wire caps for spider toes
2 sets of garment magnets
2 grams of fiber fill

Materials not included:
Size US 1 DPNS
Tapestry Needle
Waste Yarn
Super Glue (for attaching toes to wire inside legs)


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