Class Embellished Art Felting

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Embellished Art Felting with Kerri Kirk
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Students will learn how to apply Needle Felted details onto a completed felted background.  Using wool and other special fibers, add details with needle felting to make a more finished and fine-tuned composition.  Most finished pieces are about 8x10 to 12x16.

All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.

Each student will have a finished art piece at the end of class to take home.

The pictures show examples of background pieces before adding details and after additional needle-felted details.  For example, the outlines of the Chickens and the Stained Glass design. 

We recommend this class as Part Two after taking Beginning Wet Felting to make a background piece and leave enough time for the background piece to dry.

This Part-Two Class: Embellished Art Felting allows students to add needle felted finishing details to their art piece.

If you haven't made a wet felted background yet, then we recommend signing up for the Part-One Class: Beginning Wet Felting Class to complete the background panel.


Check out Kerri in action:

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