MDK Field Guide No. 5 Sequences Paperback

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This is the Paperback edition and includes a free digital download at Ravelry, use the unique download code on the inside back cover to add the digital eBook to your Ravelry Library.  We love the eBook versions for the easy access to corrections and updates.

MDK Field Guide No. 5 Sequences Paperback

Designer: Cecelia Campochiaro
Patterns:  Corrugated Shawl, Parallelogram Scarf, Swirl Hat, Freak Flags

Rich, gorgeous, simple to make.

This Field Guide introduces the ingenious idea of sequence knitting, the “unvention” of Cecelia Campochiaro.  Cecelia’s four designs provide the perfect canvas for you to play with her gorgeous knit-and-purl stitch patterns.  Rediscover the endless puzzle of knitting all over again with these elegant, simple projects.  Glorious knitting ahead!

Cecelia’s Sequence Knitting is one of the most amazing knitting books. Her encyclopedia of knit-purl patterns shows us the endless possibility to be found in the simplest of stitch combinations. We’re thrilled to have the chance to collaborate with Cecelia on this Field Guide, which serves as an introduction to Cecelia’s cool ideas.

MDK Knitting Field Guide No. 5: Sequences is pure knitting play, with four projects from Cecelia’s fertile imagination.

Corrugated Shawl: This sampler of 16 sequences creates textures you cannot anticipate—which is where the fun is. The resulting wrap has extraordinary drape and texture. The yarn for this, Crave Yarns’ Caravan, is a perfect, soft match. It’s a timeless piece to wear forever.

Parallelogram Scarf: Two slow-changing skeins of yarn make this scarf a glorious color adventure. In a busy season, this low-stakes drama may be all we need. We paired Freia Fibers Shawl Balls with Cecelia’s pattern—Tina Whitmore’s brilliant color sense is a sight to behold, and to knit.

Swirl Hat: When we work sequences in the round, a simple stitch pattern gets interesting very quickly. This is a great unisex hat, and the yarn here—Brooke Sinnes’s Sincere Sheep Cormo Sport—is a springy, naturally dyed wonder.

Freak Flags: Decreasing stitches will create even more texture surprises, and these cheerful pennants of knitterly joy make the best sort of experiment. Decorate your house, your tree, yourself—we would never dream of telling you how to fly your Freak Flags. But we do think that Amy Lee Serradell’s Canon Hand Dyes mini skeins make it all incredibly fun.

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