Owl Spun Wooly Board

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Owl Spun Wooly Board Sweater Blocking Board

Handcrafted and engineered by Michael, Char's husband, here in Edmonds, WA.

This sweater blocking board is designed to fit multiple sizes from toddler to the largest sweater sizes.

It has been carefully engineered with hand-adjustable hinges and angles in order to block multiple styles of sweaters, including traditional straight set-in sleeves, as well as rounded yoke and raglan sleeve style sweaters.  It is the only blocking board that we know of with the adjustable angles that can block the rounded and raglan style of sweaters.

The blocker folds on a central hinge and feet sliders provide stability allowing the board to stand up on its own when folded or open, which allows one person to easily dress sweaters all on their own.  Your sweaters will dry in hours!  It is amazing!

Artisan details include all wooden knobs, sliders, and joins.  Available in various exotic woods.  This is a gorgeous piece that will display and dry your sweaters in style.

The blocker folds flat for easy quick storage and completely disassembles for longer compact storage.

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