Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 48: FINAL ISSUE

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Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 48: FINAL ISSUE

Issue 48, Check Mate has many meanings to us at this time but most importantly, it marks the end of a wonderful journey.

This knitted and crocheted ode to wovens includes patterns we believe any maker will be proud to create. With two needles or a hook, these designs were inspired by the beauty of weaving and pay a special tribute to this ancient sister craft.

We are so thankful to our team who helped put this together including photography by @dianascarrunz and @betsyyphoto, hair and makeup done by @lunabeauty_bridal, and especially to our models @shardewilliamss and @rio.sauer! The scenes at @the.glenda.house pulled this last edition together better than we could have imagined!

Now let's look at the patterns that make this final issue just that much more special!

Fortuna's Wheel by @elspethvance
Middlebrooks by @marie_tricote
Rya by @yeoneemakes
Ordito by @knittingcakes
Convergence by @creaciones.ananda
Roosie by @stinehoelgaard
Coverlet by @bugknits
Tuskaft by @handvarkat
Selvedge by @wilkens_julia
Tapestry by @theslowwolf


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