Stranded by the Sea Felted Soap Kit

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Felted soap is a handmade natural wool felted “washcloth” and soap all in one.  Wool is a naturally antibacterial and mildew resistant fiber.  The wool covering provides a gentle exfoliator, prolongs the life of the soap, and is easy to grip.  The felt continues to shrink with the bar, until every last bit of suds is used.  After the soap is gone, the remaining felt is naturally biodegradable and compostable and may be used as you wish, such as a scrubber or as wicking material in the garden to start seedlings.

It’s great hands-on craft activity for kids and adults.  Wool felting is easy and lots of good clean fun!

Recommended for ages 8 and up, children under 8 should have an adult helper.

This kit includes all needed materials and instructions to felt at least 3 bars of soap. 

Kit Materials Included:
4 Bars of Soap
Wool Roving (40 g) in Various Colors
Nylon Stocking

Other Useful Equipment (not included):
Basin of Warm Water  (as warm as is safe and that you can stand)
Clothing that can get wet
A sense of adventure


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