Stranded Sheep Bobbins

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Made by us at Stranded by the Sea.

These Stranded Sheep Bobbins are a fantastically fun way to keep your project yarns neat and tidy.

Wind your yarn onto the bobbins for easy handling of yarn strands for your knitting project or for keeping leftovers tidy and organized.  Great for fair isle, stranded colorwark, intarsia, long-tail cast-ons, life-lines, anything with a long strand.

Wrap your yarn either the short or long way.

Three Sizes:
Small Sheep (3" wide) hold up to 8 grams (0.25 oz)
Large Sheep (3.7" wide) hold up to 16 grams (0.5 oz)
Extra Large Sheep (4.2" wide) hold up to 24 grams (0.85 oz)

Bundle Options:
4-Pack of Small Sheep
4-Pack of Large Sheep
4-Pack of Extra Large Sheep
Small Combo:  4 Small and 2 Large Sheep
XL Combo:  2 Large + 2 Extra Large

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