In-Person Classes are Back!

In-Person Classes are Back!

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting In-Person Group classes again.

Learning in-person is so much better and it is more fun to be social with others. 

A new batch of Wet Felting and Needle Felting Classes with Kerri Kirk is already on the schedule.  All materials and equipment are provided and no prior skills are required, just show up prepared to have fun!  Kerri is fantastic and these spots usually go quick, so don't wait to sign up.The schedule for group knitting and crochet classes is being finalized.  We will offer beginning Learn to Knit, Learn to Crochet, My First Sweater Knit Along, as well as, some advanced skills classes.   More to follow soon!

Beginning Wet Felting
with Kerri Kirk of Adornament Designs

Students will learn how to make an art felt piece with wool fibers using wet felting techniques, such as a landscape, seascape, or abstract design.

One 3-hour class (10am - 1 pm):
Sat, Jan 28th,
Wed, Feb 1st,
Wed, Feb 22nd, or
Sat, March 4th 


Embellished Art Felting
with Kerri Kirk of Adornament Designs

Students will learn how to apply Needle Felted details onto a completed felted background to make a more finished and fine-tuned composition.  We recommend this class as Part Two after Beginning Wet Felting.

One 3-hour class (10am - 1 pm):
Sat, Feb 11th or
Sat, March 11th

Needle Felted Mushrooms & Gnomes
with Kerri Kirk of Adornament Designs

Students will learn how to make a cute 3-dimensional felted mushrooms and gnomes from wool and other specialty fibers using needle felting techniques.  These 3-D Needle Felted Figures are fun to make and you can use this technique to make fairies, animals, etc.

Sat, Feb 4th (10am - 1 pm)

We are offering a "kid combo" for this class again - a child is discounted to $35 when their favorite grown-up signs up to take the class with them.


  1. Tara M Roberts Tara M Roberts

    We have a beginner wet felting class on the schedule for April. You could make flat hearts, instead of a big rectangle, with this technique.

    Usually, intricate 3-D objects are made with needle felting. Needle felting gives you the more precise control over the shape, like making a round 3-D heart. We do offer a needle felted figures class monthly.

    I will talk to our instructor, Kerri about something for making three dimensional shapes in wet felting. Kerri is often flexible about letting someone do their own final shape idea, since techniques, process, and tools are similar.

    Feel free to give the shop a call and we can see what will work best for you! Thanks Tara

  2. JoAnne JoAnne

    I’m from Bellingham and am looking for a class on wet felting simple shapes like balls, ovals and hearts. Would you have snything coming up?

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